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20 Sep 2014
Jayden Tan @ OrangeTee

A suite of powerful proprietary softwares that you'll not find elsewhere.

Automatic Reposting Tool

Be on TOP of competitors. With just 1-click, your listings get reposted to the top positions of property search results. Everything, including photos, vTours, videos, etc. Auto-magically!

Sms Broadcaster with Built-in DB

Tap on your competitors' marketing. This pro-active marketing tool makes it almost effortless to broadcast to agents who are currently on the top-pages so that you can tap onto their leads.

Virtual Tour Creator

Impress your clients now. Finally, you are able to do your own vTour by just using your smart-phone. In less than 15mins, your vTour will be live. Not just any vTour, but one that can walk from room to room.

Agent's Mobile App

Become an instant expert. State-of-art app that puts property information at your finger-tips on-demand - caveat prices; listings; appointments and more. Probably the most advanced in the market.

OrangeTee® Advanced IT Systems

OrangeTee offers an online suite of in-house developed IT support systems to empower sales professionals to work from home, that means agents can fulfilled the entire sales cycle starting from prospecting, listing presentation, marketing, submitting case, invoicing, and even get paid without the need to enter the office.

Print Invoice Online

Print of invoice online collect your commission faster.

Submit Case Online

Submit case from anywhere with Internet access.

FloorPlans Online

Largest collections of Residentials & Commercial Floorplans.

Transacted Data for Residential & Commercials

Caveat of Residential & Commercials, with unit-numbers since 1995.

Extensive Project Details Database

Amazing project info for both Residential, Commercial/Industry

Free Web-based PowerSearch, HomeBiz, eLitho

Access from home to check listings, owners tel, and land size, etc.

OrangeTee® Excellent Corporate Support and Infrastructure

Corporate infrastructure support is the pillar of a SalesPerson successful business. OrangeTee understands the importance of this.

Free Usage of Meeting/Training Rooms

7 rooms for conducting team meetings & training up to 40 pax.

Free Massive WorkSpace

3-Levels of FREE desk space for those prefer work from office!

Free Use of Project Brochure Library

Well-stocked actual Project Brochures for full knowledge.

Free Weekly In-house Training

Organised by Training Dept.CPD Core trainings at only $30+gst

Free CEA-Compliance Adverts approval

In-house Mass-Comm Department to vet thru your design..

Free eStamping

No admin fee for stamping of tenancy agreement

Free Weekly IT-Support Clinic

Free IT support for your PC/Laptop issues, every Wednesday

In-house Project Marketing Department

Plenty of chance to do Local/Overseas new Project launches!

In-house Investment Department

Work together with OT on your biggest en-bloc deals.

In-house Valuation Department

Get quick access to private valuation reports.

In-house Research Department

Regular market analysis reports for latest market updates.

Legal Subsidy

Lesser legal costs for associates that require legal expertise

No Forced Deduction

No advanced commission deduction for company events or dinners.

3 Business-Day Commission Payout

Submit on Monday and get paid by Thursday!

OrangeTee® Advantages for Team Leaders

If you are looking to become or is already a dedicated leader with a team under you, expect to receive these additional benefits from Orange Tee.

Starting Leaders

New managers enjoy at least 2-tiers over-riding management fee and up to all-tiers as your grow and promote.

Senior Leaders

Group Assoc Director onwards enjoy EVERY-tier management fee so you earn regardless of which tier is your associates under.

Monthy Leader's Meetings

Get timely Industry Updates and case studies, and be among the first to hear about company directions.

Get Paid Management Fee Every Day

The day your downline receives their commission is the day you get paid. Everyday is your pay-day.

Income Assurance Scheme for Leaders

Love ones continue to take over and enjoy part of your overriding income for next 5 years when you can't.

Graceful Exit

Resigning leaders will still get the management fee that is due to them. OrangeTee ® believes you will be back one day.

Jayden Tan 陈玟铭

Team Associate Director, Agency (L3009250K / R029050I) Pte Ltd

430 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh #08-01 OrangeTee Building Singapore 319402

[mobile] +65 8666 8818

[email] [url] Pte Ltd Pte Ltd

Team Associate Director

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