Find your desired properties based on public transport routes

by JJ Cheng 08 Sep 2015

Recently we have released our brand new "Home Select" system. It is a revolutionary search engine which helps tenants and buyers to find their desired properties based on public transport routes.

The traditional search engines allows users to specify a radius around a certain location (e.g. work place, school, shopping mall etc...), the limitation of this approach is very obvious as many more properties outside the radius can be easily reachable to the selected location with some form of public transportation and almost all of us rely heavily on public transport.

With Home Select, all you need is to key in a location, select your budget and bedrooms, and system will find out all properties that can reach to the destination by MRT, Bus or a combination and rank them by shortest travel time and lowest price.

You can fine tune the search by

1. Add up to 5 personal preferences such as high floor, sea view, freehold etc...

2. Choose only direct routes so all transfer bus/MRT routes will be ignored.

3. Choose the transportation mode, MRT or bus, bus only or on foot.

4. Include under construction MRT routes which is helpful if you are buying a new launch project unit.


At result page, a guide of the estimated travel time and routes will show together with each individual listing. If you click on the link, a detailed route summary will show up. Click on Show on Map will show the MRTs and bus stops on map.

When you go into the listing details page, there is a "Popular places by public transport search box", this tells you within x number of units by a selected travel mode, where can you go to. Currently the system searches for schools (primary and secondary), super markets, shopping malls, hospitals, food centers and parks.

So who will be benefited through this system? Almost everyone!

1. Tenants who just came to Singapore

2. Locals who are not familiar with public transport network

3. Investors comparing rental price vs selling price (if the specify a large min and max price range, both for sale and for rent will show up, and you can compare the rental asking price vs selling asking price)

If you have any suggestions about this new system or found any bug, please feedback to us, we are actively improving on it! Thank you!

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